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(Continued from "Dorreen Family Dates")

3rd New Zealand-born grandchild Alexander Churton McKay born in Auckland

1844 James Dorreen, the toddler son of Peter Jnr and Susannah Dorreen, drowned in the Hutt River

1845 4th New Zealand-born grandchild, Elizabeth Dorreen, first daughter of Thomas and Janette Dorreen born in Petone.

1846 5th New Zealand-born grandchild, Margaret Dorreen, second daughter of Thomas and Janet Dorreen born in Petone.

1848 Margaret and Thomas McKay arrived in Dunedin aboard the Phillip Laing.

6th grandchild born in New Zealand.  Janet Williamson McKay daughter of Margaret and Thomas born soon after the arrival of the Philip Laing, the first white female child to be born at Port Chalmers.
7th grandchild born in New Zealand.  James Nilson Burcham Dorreen, third son of Peter Jnr and Susannah Dorreen born at the Hutt

1850  9th grandchild born in New Zealand.  John Dorreen, son of Thomas and Janette born at Petone.
0th grandchild born in New Zealand. Agnes Bletchford Dorreen, first and only daughter of Peter Jnr and Susannah Dorreen born at the Hutt
11th grandchild born in New Zealand.  Christina Munroe McKay, daughter of Thomas and Margaret McKay, born at Petone.

1852 12th grandchild.  Edward Dorreen, sixth child of Thomas and Janette Dorreen born at Petone.

1853. Bendigo Gold Rush - Australia.  Peter Dorreen Jnr, his wife and children moved to Victoria, Australia, following the Bendigo Gold Rush. where they remained just on 2 years.

1854 13th grandchild.  Lettitia McKay, sixth child of Thomas and Margaret McKay born at Petone.
14th grandchild.  Albert Thomas Dorreen, seventh child of Thomas and Janette Dorreen born at Petone.

1856 15th grandchild.  John St. Clair Dorreen, Peter and Susannah's youngest child born at Wellington.
...April 16th.
16th grandchild, Henry Dorreen, youngest child of Thomas and Janette Dorreen born at Petone.
...July 28. 
17th grandchild born in New Zealand , Margaret McKay youngest child of Thomas and Margaret McKay born at Wellington.

1857. Peter Dorreen Jnr with his family made a move to Queen Charlotte Sounds where they remained until early 1863.

1863 Peter Dorreen Jnr and family left Queen Charlotte Sounds for Dunedin, arriving in Hampden five days later on 17 February 1863.
...30 January.
1st great grandchild, William Alexander D'Arcy, first child of Margaret Dorreen (third daughter of Thomas and Janette) and Thomas D'Arcy, born at Orongaronga in the lower Wairarapa.
...2nd great grandchild,
William Henry McKay, first child of William (Bill) McKay and Margaret Leight born at Herbert near Oamaru.

1868 Peter Dorreen Jnr died in Hampden as a result of severe burns.  Buried inn the Hampden Cemetery.

1871 John Dorreen (son of Thomas and Janette) moved from Wellington to Otaki and from there  to Bunnythorpe in the mid 1870's.  John farmed and offered his skills as a "vet" to fellow settlers while his wife Mary acted as a midwife.

1875 31 July Patrikus (Peter Snr) passed away at Wellington Hospital.  buried Mount St. Cemetery Wellington.
...27 September
Laetitia passed away at The Hutt. Buried Mount St. Cemetery, Wellington.
11882 Thomas Atkinson Heaps, the husband of Agnes Dorreen, daughter of Peter Dorreen Jnr, managed the Abbott's Opera House in Wellesley Street, Auckland.

1885  1st great-great grandchild (3rd generation) Albert Royston McKay born at Hampden.  He did not survive infancy.

1885 William Dorreen (son of Thomas and Janette)moved from Havelock South where he had owned a Hotel to Ashhurst and operated a hotel there.

1887-1889 Thomas Fergus, the husband of Lettitia McKay became Minister of Justice and Defence.

1890 Thomas Fergus Minister of Works and Mines.  During this time he was one of the

youngest Members of Parliament.

1905 Archibald D'Arcy (son of Margaret and Thomas D'Arcy) member of the 1905 All Blacks.  He was also a foundation committee member of the New Zealand Rugby Union.

1907 James Dorreen (son of Peter Jnr) and his family sold their farm Valleyfield at Hampden and moved to their new home "Alva glen" in Christchurch, thus ending a long association the Dorreen's had with Hampden.
Miriam Dorreen (daughter of James) trained in Dunedin as a Plunket Nurse with Sir Truby King.

Thomas McKay Snr. husband of Margaret Dorreen, died at Napier.

1912 The Heaps, sons of Agnes Dorreen took part in the Mining strike at Waihi. They had been living at Waihi but left the district at this time.
1946  The first jet flow out from England and throughout New Zealand was piloted by Fl.Sgt later Wing Commander, Robert Maxwell McKay, a great great great grandson of Patrikus and

(Dorreen Family Dates continued)

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