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(continued from "Disasters")

bridge fell and the locomotive crash landed across the gap on to the opposite bank.  The first five coaches fell into the flood waters and one of them was swept nearly two km whilst the sixth car teetered on the edge before it too fell into the river.  The coaches were torn to pieces before the flood waters swiftly subsided.  Only three passenger coaches and two goods vans remained on the track.

1958  Earthquakes.  31 January.  An earthquake centred in eastern Hawke's Bay shook the central and southern parts of the North Island.  Minor damage occurred.
...Floods.  Heavy rain after a 5 month dry spell caused widespread flooding throughout the North Island.  Rail and telephone links between
Auckland and Wellington were disrupted for nearly two weeks.

1960 Tidal Waves.  23 May.  A tsunami hit the East Coast of the North Island and the next day some coastal towns were evacuated for fear of further waves.
...Earthquakes.  24 May.  an earthquake measuring 7 was based on Fiordland with minor damage occurring in the
Lake Wanaka district.

1962 Earthquakes.  10 May.  An earthquake based at Westport caused some damage and disrupted some water and electricity services.
...September 30.  The largest of a "swarm" of earthquakes did minor damage at
Te Puke.

1963 Floods  3 June.  The Tangoto Valley in Hawke's Bay as cut off by floodwaters after exceptionally heavy rain.  Hundreds of motorists were stranded.

1968 Earthquakes.  THE INANGAHUA EARTHQUAKE.  Inangahua Junction was evacuated following an earthquake measuring 7.  Three people died and 14 were injured.  Reefton, Westport and Greymouth were also damaged.  There were numerous after shocks.

1969 Eruptions  22 June.  Mt Ruapehu erupted.

1974 Eruptions.  January and March.  Mt Ngauruhoe erupted.

1975 Eruptions  19 February.  Mt Ngauruhoe erupted.

1976 Earthquakes.  A series of earthquakes were felt near Wairoa.

1980  Earthquakes.  5 October.  an earthquake caused damage in Napier and Hastings.

1983 Earthquakes.  Swarms of earthquakes recorded in the central North Island.  One of these caused damage at Reporoa and Waiotapu.

1984 Earthquakes.  A swarm of earthquakes in the early months of this year caused damage to Turangi and Tokaanu at the southern end of Lake Taupo.

1987 Earthquakes.  An earthquake in the Bay of Plenty, caused damage at Whakatane, Kawerau and surrounding district.

1990 Earthquakes.  February.  An earthquake in the Wairarapa caused damage at Dannevirke and surrounding areas.
...May.  another earthquake in the
Wairarapa again caused damage.


Dorreen Family Dates

1735 Patrikus Dorreen Snr born about this year in Ireland
1745  Margaret Fulton born bout this year in Castle Willem, Ireland.
1765  Patrikus Dorreen and Margaret Fulton married in Ireland.
1774  Patrikus Dorreen Jnr (Peter Snr) born in County Down, Northern Ireland
1777  Laetitia Keys, wife of Peter Snr born in Ireland.
1802  Peter Dorreen Snr and Laetitia Keys were married about this time in Ireland
1812 Thomas McKay, husband of Margaret Dorreen born this year in Paisley, Scotland
1815  Peter Dorreen Jnr born in Ireland
1817 Margaret Dorreen, later Margaret McKay born in Ireland
1819  Thomas Dorreen born in Elderslie, Scotland
1822 Susannah Hendry Boyd, wife of Peter Jnr born in Paisley, Scotland
1823 Janette Love wife of Thomas Dorreen, born about this time in Scotland
1837 Peter Jnr and Susannah Hendry Boyd married in Scotland
1838 Patrikus and Laetitia Dorreen's first grandchild to emigrate to New Zealand Peter    Dorreen III born at Paisley in Scotland

1839 14 September.  2nd grandchild to emigrate to New Zealand, William McKay born at Paisley, Scotland

October.  The New Zealand Company vessel Bengal Merchant set sail from Glasgow destined for New Zealand.  Among the passengers were Patrikus Dorreen, his wife Laetitia, their two sons, Peter Jnr, his wife Susannah and their baby son Peter III and Thomas with his wife Janette.

1840 20 February.  The Bengal Merchant arrived at Port Nicholson, the fourth ship to carry settlers and the first to sail from Scotland.

1840 3rd grandchild to emigrate to New Zealand, Thomas McKay born at Paisley, Scotland.
...9 October. 
1st New Zealand-born grandchild, William Dorreen, first child of Thomas and Janette Dorreen born at Petone.

1841 2nd grandchild born in New Zealand, James Dorreen son of Peter Jnr and Susannah

Dorreen born at Petone.

1842  Thomas and Margaret (nee Dorreen) McKay accompanied by their sons William and Thomas were amongst the settlers on the Duchess of Argyle from Scotland to arrive at

(Dorreen Family Dates continued)

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