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Wellington as it is today, with the central city to the left

The descendants of  Patrikus and Laetitia Dorreen have all, each  in their own way contributed and helped to make and shape the New Zealand of today.

There are now  well over 4400 descendants, representing all walks of  life. Some are farmers, labourers, mechanics and technicians. Others are active in the worlds of the arts and the media.  Others in the legal, medical, and teaching  fields.

Many have achieved recognition in their various industries and  professions.  These include the sporting and racing worlds.

Some fought and even gave their lives in defence of their country in both World Wars


        William Maxwell Mckay 1917
        Lesley Dorreen 1917
        Harris Moorehead Symons (Captain) 1918


        Douglas Clendon D'arcy  (Captain) 1942 El Alamein
        Henry George Parsons 1943 Italy
        Ivan Dorreen 1944 Italy

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