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(Continued  "Firsts")

...November 28.  This
right exercised for the first time when 85% of women enrolled voted.
...Ellen Dougherty
first Registered Nurse in the World.
1896  First screening of film.
1897 First woman to graduate with a Law degree.
1898  First motor car, imported by a Wellington businessman William McLean.
1907 First Karitane Hospital
1910  First coin operated telephone
1919 First time woman eligible to stand as candidates in General Election. 
1921 First Radio program
1923 First woman to stand as candidate in general election.  Ellen Melville..
1929  First talkback Radio program
1933 First women elected to Parliament, Elizabeth McCombs, Labour Member for Lyttelton.
1935 First Labour Government elected in New Zealand.
1937  First  woman candidate elected - Elizabeth McCombs
1938 First state houses built - in Miramar
1942 First Policewomen posted.
1947 First woman to hold Cabinet position, Mabel Howard, Minister of Social Welfare under Labour.
1960  First TV program
1987  First Heart transplant performed in New Zealand
1990  First woman Governor General
1998 First woman Prime Minister



1839 June 15.  Letters Patent were issued by the Crown extending the limits of the colony of New South Wales to include any territory in New Zealand over which British sovereignty might be established.  Captain Hobson was appointed Lieutenant-governor of New Zealand


...Finance. 7 March. New Zealand's first Bank, the Union Bank of Australia opened in Wellington.  It was associated closely with the New Zealand Company
,,,18 September.  New Zealand's capital having been sited initially in the Bay of Islands was established by Lt. Governor Hobson at Waitemata Harbour.  This was the foundation of the city of Auckland.

1841 Taxes.  The first tax imposed by the Government of New Zealand, a tariff of 4/- per gallon n spirits if they had been imported from N>S>W> Van Dieman's land or Britain, and 5/- from elsewhere.

1844 September. Governor Fitzroy replaced the 1841 tariff with a property and income tax under which the maximum personal liability was 12 pounds.

1852 New Zealand Constitution Act  passed setting up a General Assembly and the first six provinces with a form of representative government.

1853 Provincial Government was established.

1856. SEWELL GOVERNMENT.  April 18.  Henry Sewell formed New Zealand's first short lived ministry and was regarded as New Zealand's first premier.
...May 20.  Fox Government.  William Fox then formed another short lived Government.  Fox was to remain prominent in New Zealand politics forming short lived Government four times 1856, 1861, 1869, and 1873.
...June 2. Stafford Government, Edward Stafford formed a ministry.  He was 3 times premier of New Zealand.

1862.  DOMMETT GOVERNMENT. Alfred Dommett was invited by Grey to form a government.

1863  WHITAKER GOVERNMENT. Frederick Witaker a Member of the Legislative Council formed a ministry.

1864.  WELD GOVERNMENT.  Frederick Weld formed a ministry.

1865. July 26.  The New Zealand Parliament moved its sittings to Wellington marking the transfer of the seat of government from Auckland, and the establishment of Wellington as the capital.

1866 Death duties were introduced under the Stamp Duties Act, because of the cost of the war with the Maoris.

1867...Four Maori seats created in Parliament and all Maori men over 21 get the vote, Possibly
the first extension of the franchise without a property barrier in the world.

1872. WATERHOUSE GOVERNMENT. George Waterhouse became Premier.

1873.  VOGEL GOVERNMENT. Vogel became Premier.
...Vogel Government started major public works, railways and immigration programmes which lead to arguments with some provinces.

1875 POLLEN GOVERNMENT. Daniel Pollen formed a ministry while Vogel was away in

1876.  September 1.  ATKINSON GOVERNMENT. Harry Atkinson replaced Vogel when Vogel again decided to return to England.

The provinces abolished by vote in the legislature.

1877. GREY GOVERNMENT.  Sir George Grey became Premier.

(Government continued)

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