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The Dorreens New Zealand History

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The Celts

Dorreen, Dorrian, Dorrain, Doran, O'Doran, Dirreen.

Welcome to the Home Page of the Dorreen Socieity Incorporated.

Just on 160 years ago the ancestors of the Dorreen families in New Zealand, Patrickus Jnr. (known as Peter Senior) Dorreen (or Dorrian) and his wife, Laetitia, (nee Keys) both initially from Ireland, left Scotland. They embarked on the Bengal Merchant to commence the long voyage which would eventually convey them safely to the other side of the world. Peter Snr. was 65 years of age and his wife 62.

They were accompanied on the voyage by two of their sons, Peter and Thomas, (a daughter Margaret arrived with her husband Thomas McKay at a later date).

They left behind in Ireland and/or Scotland other members of their family, sons John, William and James, and daughters Ellen and Agnes.

There are no Dorreens in either Ireland or Scotland. "Dorreen" was a misspelling, probably a mistake on the part of a shipping clerk on the arrival of the family in New Zealand. The original name was probably Dorrian. The gaelic form of the name is O'Deoradhain. Other derivatives are Doran, O'Doran, Dorrain, Dorrian, and possibly Dirreen.

We would be most interested to hear from any people with the above names, or who think they may be descended from any of the family who did not emigrate to New Zealand.

If you would like to find out more about the Dorreens, or join the Society please email us at

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